Saturday, July 15, 2006

SOS Planning Policies

NSW People deserve better

Letter published in North Shore Times, Friday, July 14, 2006, Page 31

Contrary to Peter Sinclair’s assertions (NST 30 June) Save Our Suburbs offers practical solutions to New South Wales’ planning debacle.
We advocate a viable decentralisation policy drawing on international experience, particularly that of the European Union.
Whole of state development would include imaginatively designed satellite cities and the repopulation of declining regions. SOS offers state-of-the-art transport networks and solid environmental protection policies.
The Commonwealth Government - being responsible for immigration - would also be involved, helping to fund the necessary networks and regional concessions.
Other parts of the world do not rely on just one large city for growth.
China’s decentralisation policy, with sophisticated infrastructure, is reported to be going to plan and is helping to spread the nation’s growing prosperity.
Why then do New South Wales politicians have to cram us in like chooks in battery cages?
The people of NSW deserve better.
In a democracy politicians suckling the teat of donations from high-density developers can be kicked out.
There is a big picture view here.
One that Mr Sinclair has so far failed to appreciate due to an overly narrow, short-sighted and obsessive focus.
We can only hope that people like Mr Sinclair succeed in seeing the big picture in time before our much envied and hard-won Australian way of life is irretrievably extinguished.
Tony Recsei
Save Our Suburbs


Anonymous said...

Seems to me that all Peter Sinclair does is pen spiteful, intemperate letters. He'd be more benefit to Ku-ring-gai if he set out some practical suggestions for ways in which Council and the State Government should move forward. But perhaps he's more interested in getting his name in the North Shore Times every week? Headlines rather than substance.

Tony2 said...

Perhaps Peter Sinclair has "conflicts of interests",not dissimilar to both the Labor and Liberal parties

Tony2 said...

Perhaps Peter Sinclair has "conflicts of interest",not dissimilar to the major parties