Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Tenth Scalp

Save Our Suburbs has been fighting over-development for 9 years. We have challenged the Government to show their high-density policies, which are so devastating to local communities, are to the benefit of the broader public. But they always shrink from the challenge, slinking back into their cushy offices and slamming the doors. Our tenth such antagonist, Minister of Planning, Frank Sartor has bitten the dust. Other now-vanished foes have been:

Andrew Refshauge, Minister of Urban Affairs and Planning
Sue Holliday, Director General of the Department
Craig Knowles, Minister of Urban Affairs and Planning
Di Beamer, Junior Minister of Urban Affairs and Planning
Andrew Cappie-Wood, Deputy Director-General
Jennifer Westacott, Director-General
Evan Jones, Sydney Strategy Administrator
Professor Peter Newman
Professor Ed Blakely
And now:

Frank Sartor, Minister of Planning

As with his predecessors, Frank Sartor, who regularly boasted his doors were always open, steadfastly refused to see me.

Frank Sartor claims he has been “cheated”. We suggest the thousands of Sydneysiders who have been deprived of their heritage, democratic rights and Australian way of life have more right to feel cheated.


Anonymous said...

Frank certainly had his doors open,but not to ordinary activists or environmentalists.

Frank's Italian heritage had no room for Australia's majority British heritage;for example overdeveloping heritage Catherine Hill Bay,high rising heritage Redfern railway yards,and overdeveloping heritage Ku'ring'gai areas.

Frank cetainly didn't believe in Global Warming when he gave the go ahead for the destruction of 60,000 trees and scrubs at Gwandalan,unfortunately a few days before his sacking.

Good riddance to Frank.No doubt with his past experience,Frank will find a suitably rewarding position.

Anonymous said...

so you represent "...thousands of sydneysiders"? Of course this must mean your not a small group of indviduals who want to get their onw way.....not a dictatorship by definition...but pretty close!