Tuesday, July 10, 2007


For decades the formidible combination of developers bestowing political donations, politicians receiving them and their bureaucrat lackeys has been more than a match for community groups opposing overdevelopment. The community is eventually worn down and the opposition ebbs away.

Not so with CAPO, the Ryde community group opposing the overdevelopment of the Royal Rehabilitation Centre in Ryde. That development proposal is for some 800 apartments up to six storeys which will exacerbate the already impossible traffic problems in the area.

Taking advantage of a political opportunity, CAPO in an election year has invited the Prime Minister to visit the site - see report below. The Prime Minister also sent an open letter to the local newspaper telling Frank Sartor to back off.

The newspaper editorial refers to a "high-handed State Government stripping away powers that rightfully belong to the local administration .....thrusting more traffic onto already dangerously-congested streets; of removing for all time treasured public space. ........ Once used or sold by this government, public land and assets are lost to future generations."

We should all learn from CAPO. Community groups need to get together action committees consisting of proactive community members, publicity specialists and those with political connections. They need to regularly think up new actions, new strategies. Untimately the overdevelopment cabal will be worn down instead of letting them wearing us down.

Meanwhile Frank Sartor does not want high-rise next to him. Latest news is that Kogarah Council recently held a closed meeting at which this matter was further discussed.

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