Thursday, March 08, 2007

Letters not published - March 2007

To Letters, Sydney Morning Herald, 6 March 2007

Simon Daley perpetuates the discredited myths promulgated by high-density advocates (letters 6 March 2007). The housing affordability crisis has resulted from the State Government throttling the release of housing land. Anything in short supply rises in price. Not only has the proliferation of units during the past 15 years not prevented the crisis - it is this high-density policy that is the root cause.
What is more, there is no shortage of farming land. Just ask the farmers about the prices they get for their produce. If our population has to increase, it is more responsible to slightly add to the current minuscule 0.25% of urbanised land in Australia than to preclude a large proportion of our young people from ever owning their own home. Also, it is far preferable for our physical and mental well-being to live surrounded by gardens and trees than in a congested heap of concrete and bitumen.

Tony Recsei

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