Friday, September 22, 2006

Letters printed - September

Daily Telegraph 14 September 2006

Clean air sacrificed in the crush

Your article on smog is a withering indictment of the Government’s urban densification policies ("City smog kills 1400," The Daily Telegraph, September 12).

Concentrating more people in a given area means more cars in that area and more congestion. This will cause more air pollution than would be the case with low density.

The smaller area available for dilution and dispersion will overwhelm any increase in public transport usage. High density is not good for our health.

Tony Recsei, Warrawee

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Anonymous said...

The State Labor government has now actually gone beyond using its usual Orwellian tactics,which would involve the Ministry of Truth(1984)denying an air pollution problem.By closing down 5 vital monitoring sites and sacking staff in the Air Pollution Branch 2years ago,the government doesn't have to deny anything-what pollution problem is now their new tactic in the lead up to Judgement Day(March 24 2007-Election Day).